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FMA Movie Premiere [Aug. 27th, 2006|03:51 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |'Every Time We Touch' - Cascada]

Yes, we did go to the FMA movie premiere in Hurst last night and it was AWESOME. Me, Jamie, and Sam last night went as (in order) Ed, Roy, and Al from the movie. We ate at my campus and went to the mall to get Roy's gloves since Jamie forgot them in our costumes before we went. Of course on campus we got weird looks, but at Hot Topic at the mall a guy recognized who we were and yelled 'YES! FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST ROCKS!' >3 Yes, we do rock. We had to turn around 3 or 4 times on the way to the theatre since we kept getting lost. >>

Anyways, we got there early and of course it was sold out like an hour or so after we got there. The older cosplayers (me, Jamie, Sam, and the Trisha) pretty much ran the whole thing, while we were inside the showing room of course we took requests for cosplay pictures. No yaoi of course. We had of course Edo, Roy, and Al, but we also had a Noah, the other munich Ed (from the series, the short haired one), a Trisha, Pride Ed, and Envy. There was also a cute little girl who was wearing a sign that said 'Warning: Rabid Edward Fangirl' >D Yes, I have fans because I rule.

We did recite the dog and miniskirt lines, and when Jamie did the skirt line I pulled a Havoc and said the line and grabbed her leg. We know Ed loves miniskirts, he just won't openly admit it.We also had a little contest on who the better alchemist was, me or Roy. I won that because yeah, who could like that smelly, perverted Colonel (Haha of course I'm kidding) and we got into a bit of a play fight which the crowd loved.

We heard that Vic was coming so me, Jamie, and Sam left to find him (since he knows us) and be his body guards but of course people kept following us so we kept having to shoo them back in the theatre. Vic didn't come, but AARON was there. He snuck in during the movie and left before anyone could talk to him, damn we were so mad!

They did an awesome job on the movie, I can't wait till it comes to DVD. Anyways, I do have an embarrassing story in all of this too as you might've expected. When I came back from the bathroom to sit down, I accidentially sat on my coke and got it all over my coat and my shirt, and of course Mike was right behind us. God I was so embarrassed, we know he isn't going to forget us after last night. We talked to him after the movie, and he said a couple of lines from eppie 37 in me and Jamie's phones. We did more cosplay pics after and Roy started stripping. It was real funny, I may do that at AWA if I can go, if not definately at Oni-Con.

Me, Jamie and Sam are actually planning somethng for the cons that'll be our trademark that we'll be remembered for. One day per con going as pantless Ed, Roy, Al, Havoc, etc. and say that the Miniskirt Army took our pants and we blame Roy for it. >3 I do have to find the white boxers for it.

Anyways, on a different note I do have several things in the works in way of fan-fics. Here they are:

+Ch. 9 for 'Unattainable Illusions'
+Song-Fic for 'Guilty': In Wrath's POV, spoilers for the fic later on.
+Song-Fic for 'Every Time We Touch': Just a sweet Pride/Wrath fic. They need to be cut a break I think.
+Song-Fic for 'Savages': I don't know why I'm gonna write this one..But it just reminds me so much of the war between Pride and Wrath and the military. You'll learn more about this in later chapters.
+FMA Crossover with 'Chicago': God I must be on crack to be thinking about this..I actually was listening to the music of 'Chicago' and I suddenly got the mental image of Edo as Billy Flinn, Starsie as Roxie, and Wrath as Velma. I'm going to get the movie and rewatch it before I do anything with this.
+FMA Crossover with Death Note: All thanks to my friend Kyndell...Edo as Light, Roy as L, and Starsie as Misa. I'm so going to hell for this...

And...I FINALLY HAVE BLUEBIRD'S ILLUSION! *does happy dance*
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Surgery...Ugh....>> [Jul. 28th, 2006|08:22 pm]
[Current Mood |deviousEvil Manipulator...>3]
[Current Music |Angel- Sarah McLachlan]

Yeah..You read right. Not this Monday, but next Monday I have to have gum graph surgery. Oh well, it won't be as bad as having 8 teeth out at one time. But after I get it done, no DDRing or eating decent food for 3 weeks...*sigh* Oh well, when I get it done the sooner I'll get my braces off. I'm hoping to have them by Detour at the latest if I'm lucky, I want them off! ><

I accidentially let it slip to my mom about our Miniskirt Ranger uniforms (still need to get it ordered) today at Ross and of course I get the money lecture..>> How I need to set my priorities straight, blah blah blah..I'm hoping to move out next summer and room with my friends Jamie and Sam in Houston and just go back up to Denton for school. I'm almost 20 for god's sake I don't need to keep getting these lectures..>> I am responsible, I just like to have fun, go to cons, and cosplay for them.

And of course I'm still looking for that elusive brown coat..Geez, how hard is it to find a long brown coat?! Oh well..I'm still on the Goodwill hunt for that and knee high black boots for the MSR uniform. I'm hoping to have it for Halloween, it'd be funny if kids recognize me as Edo in a miniskirt and I'll just say I lost a bet with the Colonel Bastard. XD

Anyways, the cosplay call is still open. We're still looking for people for Ikki-Con, Anime Detour, and A-Kon. For more details, just ask.

I'll also post ch. 2 of the fic when I'm not being lazy. And I'm also going to be starting on another fic soon as a break from 'Unattainable Illusions' even though Pride and Wrath have corrupted my brain. Lets just say its going to involve one certain little alchemist whose going to have to do tricks for his 'treats' from a certain cat. *wink*

*Got the idea from my friend Ashi on DA.

Leave a list of fictional characters in your journal that you would love to get a message from. It is your friends mission, should they choose to accept it, to write you an in-character note from a character on that list.

a list of characters I'd like to get a message from:
-Edward Elric
-Al Elric
-Roy Mustang
-Vash the Stampede
-Shigure Sohma
-Ayame Sohma
-Jean Havoc
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Unattainable Illusions: Ch. 1 [Jul. 24th, 2006|05:18 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , , , , ]
[Current Mood |artisticartistic]
[Current Music |Breathe No More: Evanescence]

Here's Ch. 1:

Ch. 1: To Dante's...Collapse )

I have more chapters written, but I'll post them later. Enjoy for now.
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Unattainable Illusions Prologue (And an apology for not updating in ages..^^;) [Jul. 24th, 2006|04:38 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , , ]
[Current Mood |frustratedWriters block...UGH!]
[Current Music |Breathe No More: Evanescence]

Wow its been a long time since I've updated. Heh, I've just been extremely lazy..^^; I will post pictures from A-Kon and Scarborough when I'm not being drop dead lazy. This entry is just to post a fan-fic that I've been working on, and no its not done yet...No where near. I got the idea from Bluebird's Illusion and it is based off an RP. So right now, just sit back and enjoy.

Fic: Unattainable Illusions
Status: Not complete
Rating: PG-13 (At least right now..)
Pairing(s): Pride!Ed/OC, Roy/Riza

Summary: Created from foolishness and selfish wants...Trapped in empty shells of bodies, will the same mistakes be made? Will we turn into who we once saw as enemies? Will the sins of the past resurface? If we don't have memories, why do these memories of our past haunt us? If we can't feel...Why do we feel this way?

Prologue: Hello and GoodbyeCollapse )

The other Chapters will be posted on different posts, so watch for them.
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Back From Louisiana. ^^ [Mar. 20th, 2006|05:49 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Azumanga Daioh Theme]

Well..Actually I came back Friday night but I didn't update till now. ^^;;

Well, lets just say that the trip was just an amazing experience I'm real glad I went. We stayed in a large warehouse in the 9th ward (the worst area in New Orleans) called Light City. The first night was hectic since we didn't know where we were going to be staying since the warehouse where we were suppossed to be staying appeared to be full. There were only suppossed to be only 2,000 college students in New Orleans but it turns out that there were over 4,000 there with Campus Crusade including our church's groups. We worked from Monday-Thursday from 8:30-4 or 5 and we finished 2 houses. The first one we had to gut which it had alot of junk in it and since it hadn't been opened in 6 months with the black mold it smelled horrible. Well, at least I got to use a baseball bat to break down a few of the walls. Our debry pile was taller than the house itself. We didn't finish that house until Thursday since we started on our other one on Tuesday. When we heard it was already gutted we thought it'd be easy...It wasn't, it was even harder. The walls had dry wall, concrete, plaster and behind all that wood planks. It was built to last I'll say that much. We had to use crowbars and large planks of wood to get the wood planks off. The guy who's mom owned the house was there while we were working and on Wednesday he brought us popsicles as a thank you. It was nice since we were all hot and sweaty and we needed a break. We're going to keep in touch with him. Alot of the people we talked too were all real nice and grateful for what we were doing down there since we were sacrificing our spring break to work.

We did go to the French Quarter several times, it was real pretty down there. The other night we were walking along Burbon street to look for some place to eat and all we saw were...Bar, bar, bar, strip club, bar, bar, and so on. So we just went to Cafe Maspero which was swamped since alot of people asked the locals where to go to eat.

All in all, I had a great time and I plan on doing another spring break trip next year. Maybe I'll get lucky and get to go to Memphis or Nashville next year.

But of course my week was ruined when I got back because 1. I had a paper to write and 2. had a project to do..Both due today. T^T Even though I was gone all week my sister was still as horrible as ever. I just put in my 'Jet' cd to listen too while I was packing, she threw a fit and said that I'm 'the most vile person she's ever met' and I'm only thinking..'Have you really looked at yourself lately..?' If she had gone to New Orleans with us her tune would've changed. But since she doesn't go to church or anything, she's still as bad as ever..If at possible worse. She couldn't've lasted one day doing the work we were doing. *sigh* Oh well.
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